Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nanako Collection

Character: Nanako 菜々子
Series: ToHeart2 Another Days

This is my Nanako collection thus far, I collect everything Nanako that I can. It isn't easy but I write this to keep track of what I am missing and what I have ^.^

This is my #1 favorite Anime character. The cuteness and the pink and purpley hair. She is sweet and has very very nice figures, especially cat girl ones which I love cat girls and also collect cat girl figures.

☁ಌ♡ Figurines ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Comics ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Cards Lycee ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Axia Cards List 1 ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Axia List 2 ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Axia Cards SP & SSP ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Trump Cards ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Phone Cards ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Stick Posters ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Body Pillow ♡ಌ☁