Friday, March 9, 2012

Google Wants you to Conform

Recent outrage to Youtube/Google employees lack of concern for their user base complaints regarding the new Youtube channel design. Has yet to give a Google Employee pause, they still defend this obvious failure of gray facebook mesh.

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Isn't this how myspace died? When it removed all of its customizing features to look like facebook?

Regardless of popular opinion, Google refuses to change the channels back, or give users a second option. They insist on making those users that hate it, help them improve the new design. Which is flawed in almost every aspect. So why fix something that isn't broken?

Well that may be due also to the fact that Google+ is failing, so Google employees are desperately trying to make it popular by any means necessary, and at any cost of their userbase. Risky? Duh, Foolish? Absolutely. More streamline huh? Yeah right, Left is Old, New is Right ( and BAD BAD BAD ).

A user cashauer in the FeedBack....I mean Complaint Forum posted something I found rather disturbing.

"Gray is the color of sorrow. People who favor gray can be the lone wolf type or narrow-minded..

Gray is the true neutral color. Its energy imparts void, emptiness, lack of movement, emotion, warmth and identifying characteristics. Because of this, gray can be restful. It has a detached and isolated feeling.

  1. Put some gray in your life when you want:
  2. to emphasize your willingness to comply
  3. a neutral, non-invasive feeling
  4. to reduce the intense energy of another color
  5. to feel detached or isolated"

How true it seems, however Google continues to mock its user base with references like "We know this is confusing for our users" and acting like robots, only responding to the positive posts and ignoring the ones that completely hate on the design in a respectful manner.

Ontop of the feedback section however, has been a great many videos complaining about the new channel, many were also posted before it was even released. Google staff conveniently removes the polls they made regarding the new channels, and removes the ability to rate criticism from their forums during the same time it was being spammed in FeedBack. Not to mention finding the anti youtube channel layout videos appears to not show up in direct new youtube channel searches. Coincidence? I doubt it.

  • Viewer Discretion is Advised

Sorry I wont hyperlink all of that lol.

Google Employees, listen to your base, or you'll end up like myspace.

Just look how much everyone loves Googles "Great" Youtube Channel design help video.


PS: The New Channel Design is horrible, it is worthless garbage. There is nothing good about it, NOTHING.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nanako Collection

Character: Nanako 菜々子
Series: ToHeart2 Another Days

This is my Nanako collection thus far, I collect everything Nanako that I can. It isn't easy but I write this to keep track of what I am missing and what I have ^.^

This is my #1 favorite Anime character. The cuteness and the pink and purpley hair. She is sweet and has very very nice figures, especially cat girl ones which I love cat girls and also collect cat girl figures.

☁ಌ♡ Figurines ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Comics ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Cards Lycee ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Axia Cards List 1 ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Axia List 2 ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Axia Cards SP & SSP ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Trump Cards ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Phone Cards ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Stick Posters ♡ಌ☁

☁ಌ♡ Body Pillow ♡ಌ☁