Saturday, August 21, 2010

ToHeart2 Resinya Nanako White Sukumizu

This is one of two versions by Resinya

Character: Nanako 菜々子
Series: ToHeart2 Another Days
Manufacturer: Resinya
Since: April 2009
Scale Size: 1/6

Well I have been lazy with finishing posting all of my figures, it takes forever to edit all the images and place them on a website. Either way, here it is Nanako by Resinya, white sukumizu swimsuit. Cute and adorable. This one was bought "used" but practically new, it was far cheaper than the others which cost something near a hundred dollars. I need to re-attach her removable swimsuit with some kind of bonding glue, which came that way. I suppose they were curious if it was possible to remove it?

This product was purchased VIA ebay, there is a blue version which I do have, it is a limited version of this. It is based off from a specific photo which is not highlighted in this post. Either way there are two other figures made by different companies with a similar pose. I love this figure, and she sits behind my Nanako kotobukiya figures.

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