Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ToHeart2 Resinya Nanako Blue Sukumizu

This is the limited version of Resinya's Nanako 

Character: Nanako 菜々子
Series: ToHeart2 Another Days
Manufacturer: Resinya
Since: April 2009
Scale Size: 1/6

Well I finally got the nerve to buy the rare version of this.  I guess that means my Nanako collection is almost complete,  aside from a few extremely rare exceptions.  But yeah, here she is,  nothing new, but definitely worth buying nevertheless :3 

This product was received through ShoppingMallJapan, which is a deputy service in which I use to purchase off of yahoo auction Japan. 

Mew Mew Style,


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Diabolo-Menthe said...

Grrr. Multiples post, sorry. Congrats for your blue version. I am a proud owner of the white/regular one i bought on Mandarake quite a long time ago. She is still part of my favorite figures :-)

Mewi said...

Thanks Diabolo, didn't see your comment till now hehe ^^

Congrats on the white version, I like white more of course. But the blue one is rarer and I have the white too ;D Nanakos ftw!